An Integrated Liberal Arts Curriculum

Our education is based on a traditional liberal arts curriculum and incorporates modern advancements in methodology and understandings of child development. We also incorporate elements that are considered "progressive", such as educating the imagination, incorporating nature — from trees and grass to outdoor lessons and field trips — employing tactile learning, and the use of narrative techniques throughout the curriculum. Our education is demanding and hones academic skills, such as the ability to write and communicate, and "how" to think. We also incorporate the "why", from sparking natural curiosity to asking and wrestling with the Big Questions of life.

We have an integrated liberal arts curriculum, combining traditional and progressive elements, which offers numerous benefits:

  • an excellent training in the skills of reading, public speaking, writing, math, and science;

  • the knowledge and analytical skills to achieve the highest scores on standardized tests;

  • the capacity to think critically and prudently, with attention to detail;

  • an encouragement of the natural desire to seek wisdom and truth;

  • a preparation for noble leadership in society, with a creative and discerning intelligence able to see the roots of problems and to find good solutions;

  • an engagement with the rich contributions from the past with the ability to be discerning and open to what is new;

  • an education of the whole person, instilling cultural knowledge while integrating learning, faith, and the way one sees and lives;

  • a development of the natural and vital capacities for wonder, intuition, and contemplation.