The Western Academy Coat of Arms



  • The medium blue on the shield is part of a heraldic symbol signifying water. The water refers to the Buffalo Bayou and Houston's relation to the Gulf Coast. The water also signifies purification and renewal.

  • The blue color symbolically refers to contemplation and mystery. The blue fleur-de-lis is a traditional symbol for Mary.

  • The blue star refers to Texas, the Lone Star State. Placed above Veritas , the blue star also signifies Christ as the Truth and the Light.


  • A darker green is part of a live oak branch and an olive branch. Both branches are on the state seal of Texas. The olive branch refers to peace. The live oak is prevalent in Houston and refers to strength.

  • The lighter green in the field of the shield symbolizes hope and refers to young life and new growth.


  • The name of the school notes the location of the school. Underlying references include Western Tradition, the liberal arts, and Plato's Academy.

  • The brown outlines refer to the earth and soil.

  • The three Latin words in the banner are freedom, truth, and zeal for learning and study.


  • The color of the yellow field signifies friendship.

  • The raven references Sam Houston whose Indian name was Raven. In heraldry the raven signifies eternity and providence.

  • The shell refers to the coast. The shell has many symbolic references including to man's condition as a pilgrim on the way and to victory in deep water.